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From 2015-2020, Rutgers University - Newark served as the home of the National College Institute. The NCI helped to support the university's strategic mission to raise the quality of life and post-secondary attainment in the city of Newark.

The National College Institute has been financially supported by the Victoria Foundation, Rutgers University - Newark, and the Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Foundation from 

The National College Institute has partnered with organizations such as Prudential, RWJ Barnabas, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Essex County College, the City of Newark, PSE&G, Panasonic, the County of Essex, and others to provide quality programming and services, and job and internship opportunities for its participants.

The National College Institute is an official part of Real World Academy, a 501(c)(3) education organization.


The National College Freshman Institute (NCFI) is the first program for participants and is hosted the second week in August. It is the "gateway" to participate in all of the other NCI programs and receive all of the NCI services. This program is designed to prepare incoming freshmen and transfers for what they are to expect while attending a four-year college/university for the first time. It is also their introduction to career readiness training and an opportunity to speak with professionals in a variety of fields.


National College Institute Mentoring

The National College Institute provides mentors for all of those who successfully complete the Freshman Institute. The mentors help participants get adjusted to college life and discuss short and long term academic and career goals in their first semester. The mentors then begin working with the participants on preparing for summer internships in their second semester.

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The National College Institute Winter Retreat is an event held annually, every January, after New Year's Day and before the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. This event is composed of a teamwork activity, networking sessions, pre-internship training, and a social outing. It is designed to help participants gain skills, meet other participants who are a part of NCI, network with senior-level professionals who are employed in their desired field, and participate in fun, learning activities with a chance to win prizes.

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National College Institute
Summer Internships

In partnership with Newark's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), the NCI provides paid summer internships for its participants. Summer internships are only available for those who complete pre-internship training (see Winter Retreat). Summer internship work sites are traditionally located within Newark and the Greater Newark Metropolitan Area.

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National College
Senior Institute

The National College Senior Institute (NCSI) is a recently revamped program which serves to help graduating seniors get prepared to enter the workforce. The NCSI is very competitive and participants must complete a series of prerequisites in order to be eligible. Participants who successfully complete the Senior Institute are then guaranteed full-time employment at a variety of location-based organizations.

The Village

The Village

The NCI emphasizes the power and value of a village. The village consists of all the people that you have direct access to that can help you become successful. It's your network, the source of your social capital. NCI staff, mentors, and facilitators become an immediate part of each participant's village. Who is in your village?

Message from the Director:

The National College Institute is a unique attempt to better prepare future generations to become the leaders, parents, and citizens of an interwoven, challenging, and, yet, delicate world. We understand that teaching someone how to write a resume, how to dress, and even giving them internships simply isn't enough. This is why the NCI employs a holistic approach to career readiness. We stand on two basic principles: accountability and responsibility. Our job is to ensure that every participant  understands that they must take ownership of everything that they say or do, and that they must take the appropriate steps needed to get the outcomes that they desire.

Throughout the participant's time with us, we stress the concept of the "village", for it is we, not me, in every path traveled. The work we do at the National College Institute could not be done without our "village", members of the NCI community working together to ensure that the next generation is better than the last. I am humbled by our great team of educators that are always ready to facilitate impactful and life-changing workshops; I am grateful for the organizations that financially support us, and/or open their doors to provide quality internship and job opportunities; and I am honored to be in service to the betterment of our society.


Thank you.

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Chelsea Gioffre

Social Media & Marketing Manager

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Ca Misha Stewart


Newark Public Schools

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Rev. Onaje Crawford


First Hopewell Baptist Church


Carline Reed


Project BUILD

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Leon Fraser


Rutgers University - Newark

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Deborah Collins, JD


County of Essex (Retired)

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Jennifer Tyler-Washington


I Am Polished

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Leah Jackson


New Jersey City University

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Elizabeth Moore


Rutgers University - Newark

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Reuel Matthew


Egami Collection

Cierra Wright-Lee


Oaks Integrated Care

Ashante Guillaume-Salvant




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Founded in 2012 in the city of Newark, New Jersey, the mission of the National College Institute (NCI) is to prepare undergraduate students to meet the demand for highly educated professional employees by providing the participants with real world professional and personal development skills and exposure to various career opportunities and industry leaders. The NCI provides career development support for its participants year-round, continuously engaging the students while they are in college. The National College Institute works in partnership with multiple agencies and organizations across the state of New Jersey and beyond.

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