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Newark College Institute

Winter Retreat 2021

January 13 & January 14

9am - 4pm

Please complete this interest form if you wish to participate.

Please complete this interest form if you wish to participate.

The NCI Winter Retreat occurs in January, after New Year’s Day and before Dr. King’s birthday. The retreat generally spans across two days and consists of a team building exercise, networking opportunities with senior executives in various fields, and a series of pre-summer internship workshops. The Winter Retreat is the only time when all Newark College Institute participants, from around the world, are able to come together in fellowship and network with one another.

The NCI Winter Retreat is currently sponsored by Rutgers University - Newark and the South Ward Children's Alliance.


During the first day, participants compete as teams in exercises meant to challenge their leadership, organizational, and critical thinking skills. The goal is to have the participants walk away with a better understanding of their level of preparedness to enter the workforce.


Half of day one is all about networking. Senior executives from all backgrounds, occupations, and industries come to the Winter Retreat to share their personal story of how they made it to the top of their profession, how they started their own business, and how they overcame personal and professional challenges. Participants have an opportunity to ask these individuals important questions that help with choosing the right major or determining what opportunities await them upon graduation. Some of these executives are looking for interns and this is a perfect opportunity for participants to practice their "elevator pitch". Some of our guest speakers include:

Pre-Internship Workshops

On day two, participants are fully engrossed in pre-internship training. These workshops are a continuation of the topics discussed in the NCFI. Pre-internship workshops are specifically geared to get participants ready to secure a paid summer internship. Such workshops include:

  • Resume Writing

  • Art of Communications II

  • Finding Your Passion

  • Networking 101

  • Managing Your Brand

Please complete this interest form if you wish to participate.

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