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Newark College Freshman Institute

The annual Newark College Freshman Institute is a component of the Newark College Institute that welcomes incoming freshmen and transfer students heading into any 4-year college or university in the world. Learn more below! 

All participants who successfully complete the Freshman Institute will be awarded a stipend

and access to the Newark College Institute and Real World Academy's various programs and services!

Use the form below to begin your registration today! Apply now for this in demand opportunity! Registration Deadline is July 15, 2021.

Participants take a variety of professional and personal development workshops to get them prepared for college and their careers, such as:

  • Surviving the First Year of College

  • Art of Communication

  • Mastering Your Wallet

  • Success Begins With Attitude

  • Secrets of Financial Aid

Participants get to sit down with seasoned professionals and ask questions regarding their career interests, college majors, and future goals.

Participants get to hear from special guest speakers based in Newark, looking to share their story and hire local talent.

Eligible candidates must be a:

  1. Freshman entering any 4-year college or university in the world for the first time, OR;

  2. Freshman entering Essex County College for the first time, OR;

  3. Transfer from any 2-year college to any 4-year college or university in the world for the first time.

There is NO age limit

There is NO income limit

There is NO GPA, SAT, or ACT requirement

Graduate students are ineligible

Can not have participated in a previous Freshman Institute​​​​

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