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Newark College Institute

Summer Internships

Beginning in June, any participant who has successfully completed the Newark College Freshman Institute (NCFI) and a pre-internship training, is given an opportunity to be placed in a paid summer internship with our private, public, and nonprofit partners. The partners are primarily located within the city of Newark and are equally dedicated to our mission of providing the future residents, employees, and leaders of Newark, with opportunities to hone their talents and gain hands-on experiences. All of the internships are paid and last for a minimum of eight weeks. Partners can, and often will, extend the internships for their interns. The NCI Summer Internship component provides students with a structured internship experience designed to practice and demonstrate the skills and behaviors necessary for successful workforce entry.

The NCI Summer Internships is carried out through a partnership with the city of Newark's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). The NCI and the SYEP partnership allows for more college-going Newark residents to get workforce training and obtain an internship that will give them the experience they need to enter the workforce more competitive, help build their professional network, and most importantly, find their true vocation.

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The NCI Summer Internships guarantees that all NCI participants that are eligible for an internship receive a starting pay rate of $10/hr, a minimum of 20 work hours per week for a minimum of 8 weeks, and the freedom to intern where ever they choose. Internships are evaluated by a program monitor for quality assurance purposes.​

The internships officially start the first Monday in June with an orientation breakfast for the interns and supervisors. The internships officially conclude on the last Friday in July. Throughout the internships, participants continue to participate in mandatory professional development training.

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